Indoor and Outdoor Signage, Johannesburg

Global Designs specialise in Indoor and Outdoor Signage, we cater for Corporate Events, Expos, Trade Shows, Fetes,

Wholesale Promotions, Weddings, Birthdays and Religious Events. So Next time you have an event give us a call and we will arrange your flyers to all your signage requirements and we will install, get this all under one roof.

We Specialize In: Wide Banners | Roll-up Banners | Flags I Buntings | Posters | Snapper Frames | A-Frames | Pop-Ups | Counter Displays¬† | Table Cloths | Director Chairs | Umbrellas | Street Pole Ads | Banner Walls | Vehicle Wrapping and Magnets | Gazebos and more…

Introducing our Roadside Billboards, now you can have your adverts on the streets for 1000s of people to see your promotions, get the feedback you hoping for … Advertise NOW!


Roll-up Stands



Posters & Frames A4-A0

A-Frames and Counter Cards

A-Frames and Pop-Ups

Table, Dir. Chairs and Umbrellas

Banner Walls

Street Pole Ads

Branded Displays


Branded Gazebos

Gazebos Style 2

Fountain Sharkfin

Fountain Standard

Fountain Standard

Fountain Telescopic

Corporate Flags

Handheld Flags & Desktop X-Banner

Mini Signage

Advertising Roadside Billboard

Road Billboard